Africa Unite!

Totally Groovy Sounds with the Guys Man!

Like Thomas Mapfumo, Bob Marley blended traditional and contemporary influences. In Bob’s case it was Mento Music and Motown which could be heard via the radio waves (all the way from America at the speed of light!). Bob Marley and the Wailers merged these two influences, slowing down the tempo, adopting electrical instruments allowing for Marley’s soulful delivery of melodies but with a Jamaican character.

Bob of course also had a political message but it was not as clear cut as the nationalism expressed in Zimbabwe. He expressed something of a nation without a homeland but he is not calling for more boarders or political recognition, His philosophies were set in a world that was inclusive, creative, egalitarian and outside of the usual political framework of distinct nations states.

Here Bob Marley Demonstrates what a Master Performer and Orator he was. His fluid interpretation of the rhythm section that is never…

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